2012年7月22日 星期日


遊戲類型 : 運動遊戲 Sport Game

遊戲玩法 : 滑鼠 Mouse

遊戲說明 : 很有趣的棒球遊戲 使用滑鼠就可以操控 打個全壘打吧! 兩隊的人物很可愛,玩家只需使用滑鼠控制投手跟打擊手

2012年7月20日 星期五

Stalingrad TD 二次大戰 史達林格勒 版

遊戲類型 : 戰略遊戲 Strategic Game
遊戲玩法 : 滑鼠 Mouse
遊戲說明 : 一款以二次世界大戰為背景的守城TD遊戲,你要扮演俄軍防守德國的大舉入侵。

2012年7月16日 星期一

Monster Shooter 怪物射手

Monster Shooter - Dual-stick mayhem perfected! Join Dum Dum in his space quest and rescue the kitten! Explosive, intense, ultra-awesome and free!

Hand-drawn 2D ultra violence has never looked this cute!

"Call it an unfair bias, but I wasn’t expecting a free-to-play game to look this good." - 148Apps review

2012年7月14日 星期六

Bombs Away 投彈高手


投彈高手是一款可愛又有趣的 3D 射擊遊戲,它不僅以細膩逼真的 3D 繪圖技術來呈現角色與景物,甚至在飛行過程的動態表現上也有極高的擬真度。玩家要先目測炮台與飛行目的的之間的距離來調整炮台角度與飛行力道,以順利完成投彈,把對面的積木全部打掉即可過關喔,加油!

Amazing Launch for Amazing Alex!

A Great Big Thank You!

Here at Rovio, our whole team is overjoyed by the phenomenal reception for our latest game, Amazing Alex.

We'd like to extend our gratitude towards all fans of Amazing Alex, Angry Birds and Rovio. You are the reason we keep releasing new titles, and this is just the beginning. We'll have more exciting launches, animations and partnerships coming up - we can hardly keep a lid on all great things that we've got lined up for you!

Additionally, our thanks go Noel Llopis and Miguel Ángel Friginal – the original developers of the game Casey's Contraptions that was acquired by Rovio, and turned into Amazing Alex. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with such talented developers devoted to their art!

2012年7月4日 星期三

FreeGamer - The silver lining of the MegaUpload shutdown

It's been big news online lately that MegaUpload was shut down.? Along with it, many of the other annoying, wait-60-seconds-and-fill-in-this-captcha-or-upgrade-to-premium file sharing services have stopped offering public downloads.? A lot of people are understandably upset about this, since in the case of MegaUpload, they don't even have access to their own files anymore.

This blog post isn't about whether it was right for MegaUpload to be shut down.? There's plenty of debate going on about that, and it's something that I'm not personally interested in taking part in.? What we do know is that there were a substantial number of people using MegaUpload to distribute pirated media, and, let's be honest: a lot of people are pissed off because piracy just got a lot harder.? If you're one of those people, and you're angry and suddenly in search of ways to entertain yourself in the wake of the big shutdown, this post is for you.

You may have already realized that to some extent piracy creates buzz about media.? If people enjoy a movie or a game or an album or whatever, they talk about it, and the word gets out, even if the person doing the talking pirated it.? This is not a justification for piracy, mind you.? If someone wants to make content and then threaten to send you to jail for using it the wrong way, that's their prerogative under copyright law.? On the other hand, people and companies who do that don't deserve your business, and they don't deserve the buzz that you create by talking about their media.? This is particularly true given the fact that they're spending the money you give them to curtail your freedoms through draconian legislation and copyright treaties.

Ask yourself this, dear reader:? Do I need the RIAA to tell me what music I ought to like?? Do I need the MPAA to tell me what movies to like?? Do I need crappy, DRM-loving, morally-bankrupt game studios like EA to tell me what games to like?? I mean, seriously, have you seen big budget movies lately?? Most of them are complete lowest-common-denominator tripe.? As intelligent individuals, we can do better than that.

There's an awful lot of media out there released for free (or at least very cheaply in some cases), directly by the artists, musicians, cinematographers, and game studios that make them.? Some people like to argue that piracy doesn't harm anyone if you never would have paid anyway; I would contend that by pirating big budget, mass-market crap, you're hurting dedicated artists who are releasing their work for free, because the time you spend finding a pirated copy of whatever it is you want to download could have been spent discovering and talking about their works.

Even better, you could spend some of that idle time creating entertainment rather than just being entertained.? If you haven't worked on your own art, music, movies, or game projects, I would strongly encourage you to try it out.? Creating entertainment for other people to enjoy and getting their feedback on it can be immensely satisfying.? As an honest aside here, even a brief browse through open media libraries will make it obvious that movies are by far the weakest link in this chain, followed by games.? Music, being easy now for individuals or bands to produce on a large scale at home with a few hundred dollars worth of equipment, is by far the strongest.? If regular people like us are willing to spend the time helping to create games and movies, we can close the gap.? It'll take time, but if we can pull it off, it'll be worth it.

Media doesn't have to come from a feeding tube.? Go out, look around, and see the world.? There's a lot more out there than the big studios would like you to believe.? And while it's not yet equal in some ways (special effects, etc) to the big budget stuff, your interest and contributions can help it get there, and at the same time help render the big studios and their anti-consumer copyright laws irrelevant.? The big studios may, to some extent, be able to make it more difficult to pirate their content.? What they cannot do is force us to give them money -- we can always choose not to watch their stuff.

Here are some places to get started.


Getting involved:
If you have other sites to add to this list, drop me a line and I'll add them.? In the meantime, go discover something. :)

P.S.? If you agree with this, tell people about it.? Retweet, reblog, upvote, +1, whatever.? I can talk about this all day, but we need a real movement if this is going to change anything, and that means we need people to be aware.

2012年7月1日 星期日

FlightGear - FlightGear v2.6 Release Candidates

This is the place to find the v2.6.0 release candidates as they become available. ?We would really love for everyone to download these “test” releases and give them a try. ?The target date for the official FlightGear v2.6.0 release is February 17.

Please review the following FlightGear forum topic. ?Here you can get some ideas on what to look for and what to test. ?And if you do find something wrong, where to post bug reports so they can get properly addressed.