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Zombotron 殭屍行星

遊戲說明 :
Welcome to the planet «Zombotron», inhabited by human-mutants or just stupid zombies. Nobody knows where they come from and what they eat. But we know one thing - they are ready to destroy everything that moves.
During the colonization of the planet people built several laboratories to create bio-robots to clean the planet from evil, but something was wrong. There was no people on the planet Zombotron, but those laboratories still operate under the computer&s contro l.
You are one of the few bio-robots and so will you be able to complete this mission?

Version 1.4
* Fixed few problems with missions timer;
* Fixed problem with the ?Play? button;
* Fixed some bugs in the design levels;
* Changed key for activate self-destruct;
* And some other improvements.
A, D - move left and right;
W (or Spacebar) - jump;
E (or F, S) - Action;
Q - switch weapons;
R - reload gun;
H - use first aid-kit;
Esc (or P) - pause.
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FreeGamer - Flesh Snatcher: Bloody Java Polygons

Flesh Snatcher is a bloody jME2 fps with fast movement and dodge-bullets gameplay that is low poly and low-tech enough to run smoothly on a netbook (tested: Asus EeePC 1000H).

Most models were made by the author, Arbaro was used for tree generation, FSRad (shared source, noncommercial) was used for lightmap generation. FOSS-incompatible textures from CGTextures were used.

The code license is not all that clear, I seem only to be able to find the jME license in the archive.

This active thread reveals more info and gives an opportunity to talk to the developer.

Coldest - Bots Have AI Now

The server update went sort of smoothly - the site never went down for a significant period of time, but I did lose access to the server for a while due to some problems with SSH after the update. Everything seems to be working correctly again, but if you find any problems with the site, please report them in this Trac ticket. Or just use the forums if you are able (but a site problem might prevent that, hence the ticket).

The bots are coming along nicely and I've made a lot of progress on both the game and the bots thanks to that. The bots still aren't terribly smart, but if you crank up the difficulty they'll still eat you alive. I would love to post a video of a game with bots, but unfortunately the GLC website seems to be out of commission and nothing else that I've tried has worked for me. Fortunately I'm planning to do another release in the near future, so you should be able to try them out for yourself soon. Or you can do it now if you build the Git version.

Once that next release is out and has had time for people to try it, I'm hoping to organize some actual playtesting on the test server. Watch this space for details. I know I've said that before, but this time I really mean it. ;-)

FlightGear - Web Site Updates

January 13, 2012 -??The?World Scenery Download?page is updated to SVN version 19799 (current as of January 13, 2012.) ?It may take a day or so for the updated files to flush through the mirror system.

January 6, 2012?- A new developer snapshot (v20120105) is available for download and testing. ?This is a way to keep up with all the coolest new features and?experimentation?without needing to compile the code yourself from scratch. ?You can find the download link on the?main download page.

December 28, 2011 – A new section has been added to the FlightGear web site: Contributors. ?We plan to periodical add profiles of different contributors to this section. ?If you’d like to be included here, or have corrections or?updates?to existing entries, please contact the web master!

December 19, 2011 – The FlightGear web site software has been updated to WordPress v3.3.

September 27, 2011 -?A World Scenery Download page has finally been added to the new web site. ?You can find the page in the main site menu. ?The graphical download page has also been updated. ?All the links should now point to the v2.4.0 version of the scenery (this corresponds to svn version 16700 from the terrascenery archives.) ?Update: a small link error has been fixed so the download map should be working again. ?Thanks to those who reported it!

September 27, 2011 -?The server hosting wiki.flightgear.org and liveries.flightgear.org has been upgraded and the content has been migrated over. ?There shouldn’t be any problems, but of course if you spot something odd, please let us know.

Adventure Story 冒險故事

Explore the world of Adventure Story while battling swarms of enemies and massive bosses, collecting new equipment, and learning magic spells.
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Insectonator Zombie Mode 昆蟲殺手 殭屍模式

Combat Hero Adventures 戰鬥英雄冒險??(2011-6-12 10:46:43)

Carveola Incident 殭屍戰場??(2011-3-25 14:47:59)

Defend of Die 防衛與死亡??(2011-2-27 21:6:1)

Madness Premeditation 瘋狂戰士 預謀行動??(2010-11-16 18:11:31)

Madness Hydraulic 瘋狂液壓??(2010-10-11 10:42:4)

SAS Zambie assault II 僵屍突襲2??(2009-8-10 10:24:18)

Sniper Duty 狙擊任務??(2009-6-11 16:24:2)

The Lost Warror 遺落的勇士??(2008-11-2 20:19:0)

Army Swat 碼頭狙擊??(2008-8-27 11:8:42)

The Sniper 二戰狙擊手??(2008-5-7 12:45:10)

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Insectonator 昆蟲終結者

遊戲說明 : Description
Something Bugging ou? Insectinate it! Use guns, knives and bombs for the task.
Mouse to aim and shoot, Z,X or <> to switch weapons, ESC for main menu.

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Warzone 2100 - New master snapshot 20120109 has been released!

by cybersphinx on 2012 January 9

New year, new master snapshot.

Again lots of changes since the last snapshot. This one will hopefully lead to a 3.1 release soon (yes, we'll skip 3.0, since things are quite different than in the 3.0 betas). For one thing, window and input is by default handled by SDL again, hopefully solving Qt-related performance problems some people were seeing. For comparison, a Qt-version is also available here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/warzone ... p/download. Put the expanded warzone2100qt.exe into your Warzone folder and run it instead of the normal one. On Linux, run "./configure --with-backend=qt", then compile and run as usual. The lobby login support is gone again for now, since unfortunately nobody had time to fix some outstanding issues.

Also, thanks to Emdek who played through it and tested fixes, the campaign should be completable now. And there is support for stored templates, where you can save a unit design, and it'll appear in your build menu automatically once all required research is done.

General Change: Stored templates. Automatically adds a unit design when all needed research is available (#1946, a6fa286dcf, add866851b, 95bdafdffb, e3a981c4f8, 4f1b79d3d9, 4edc0d77a6)
Change: Don't give back power when a power generator gets destroyed (7b66301950)
Fix: Move units out of the way before building something (9534b4c0bd)
Fix: Direct fire target prediction (acd0587f82)
Fix: Homing projectiles (e727873581, 35d3fec146)
Fix: Loading of units in transporters (#2889, #2959, 93a6d7ba74)
Fix: Unload units closer to their transporter (1646499fcb)
Fix: Properly abort research after cancelling (#2977, 4b355aa060)
Fix: Correct visibility on game start (#2964, 2d4e1e1314)
Fix: Correct the remaining progress bar after research (#2966, 4bf70ca7c5)
Fix: Don't allow placing blueprints next to each other (#2999, 79d8d2251e)
Fix: Don't crash when clicking fast on a transporter (a35ff1e8fe)
Fix: Don't crash when placing beacons (3462f7b5cd)
Fix: Reset components between games (4e66209506)
Fix: Allow queuing of multiple modules (#2997, 3dfc823394)
Fix: Queuing of oil barrels and artifacts (#2725, ade80e83c7)Campaign Fix: Allow taking control of allied team in mission Gamma 4 again (#1855, a4a10cf6ec)
Fix: Recognize recovered artifact in mission Gamma 5 (#3027, 8cca01dfe2)
Fix: Make mission Gamma 6 work (555cb0dfa7)Savegames Pathfinding Graphics UI Change: Add a short delay for the hover map preview (85974cab80)
Change: Make UI respond instantly when holding/cancelling production/research (5c2cf9fa06)
Fix: Use correct colour for scavengers in the map preview (b62e7d3358)Translations
Full list of changes: https://github.com/Warzone2100/warzone2100/compare/master_20111204...master_20120109

Bug Reports:
This release probably contains bugs, please report them so they can be fixed. If you have trouble getting the game to work at all, consider a forum thread, you will probably get help faster that way.

See BugReporting for details, in short:
Search the existing tickets for your problem, if the problem has already been fixed in git, the ticket will be closed.If there is an open one already, feel free to add more info to it.If there is no report yet, make a new ticket (one per issue).Be as detailed as possible in both summary and description, and either log in with your forum account or leave an email address so we can contact you if we need more information.The more information we have, the easier it is to fix problems (or the other way around, the harder it is for us to reproduce a problem, the less likely it is to get fixed), so include savegames/instructions to reproduce the bug, crashdumps, backtraces, screenshots for graphical problems... whatever is relevant.When you attach files to a ticket, please add each text/image file separately and uncompressed, so we can view them easily in trac (savegames can and should be zipped, they consist of name.gam, possibly name.es, and the files in the name/ folder).
As usual, downloads can be found on our download page or directly on Sourceforge. Direct download links:
Source (Linux): http://sourceforge.net/projects/warzone ... z/download
Windows: http://sourceforge.net/projects/warzone ... e/download
Mac: http://sourceforge.net/projects/warzone ... g/download

Goblin Camp - Version 0.2 – Release

Windows download: GoblinCamp02.zip

Version 0.2 comes with a pretty major change to stockpiles. They are now called piles, and instead?of having any categories that are (dis)allowed everything gets stored in them. Moving through them is?slow, so it’s a good idea to make more than one of them. Containers will get moved from pile to pile?depending on where they are needed the most, so all you need to do is create the containers and they’ll?be automatically used.

Also introduced in this version is diseases, which will act as a natural limit to the size of your?settlement unless you do something to counteract the diseases (alcohol works pretty good).


Piles replace Stockpiles. Everything is allowed and containers get automatically shuffled to where they are needed.Diseases will weaken and eventually kill your population if you don’t do anything about a growing population.Migratory animals will sometimes cross the mapThe spawning pool expands and spreads corruption in a smoother way, it’s improved from the abrupt way it was before.Cowardly creatures can now also panic if they encounter another panicking creatureDeath messages have been improved to give a bit more information, and a bit of variety has been added to them as well.Constructions strobe under the cursor now, to better visualize where one stops and another one begins.Portable mode. Just create a file named goblin-camp.portable in the directory where GC is installed and it’ll store all the files it needs in a sub-directory in that folder, instead of in the operating system’s default folder.Skeletons no longer bleed and other assorted bug fixes.

In other cool news, there’s proper documentation for the game available now! A dapper fellow by the name of Michael Halila (with drawings by Niki) created a reference guide for Goblin Camp:?gcguide015.pdf Technically it’s for v0.15, but the majority of it is relevant so it’s a good read if you want to know how things work.

Pick up the Shells 海灘撿貝殼 連連看

遊戲說明 : 這是個連連看類型的遊戲 玩法很簡單 連成三個以上的貝殼就可以消去 遊戲還設計一種貝珠 收集3科貝珠就可以使用貝珠旁邊的法器 招喚精靈出來 破壞方塊 這可以在時間緊迫的時候 派上用場喔

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Tags: PickPick UpUp ShellsShells SeaSea beachbeach 海灘海灘 撿貝殼撿貝殼 連連看連連看

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WorldForge - Browser plugin, Windows and OSX builds of Ember

Thanks to the hard work of Peter Szucs during the Google Summer of Code 2011 we can now proudly introduce WebEmber, a browser plugin which allows you to embed Ember in a web page. We support all major browsers on Linux, OSX and Windows.

While the plugin is still in an early state, and there are a couple of rough edges, this first release gives a glimpse of the many possibilities provided by a web embeddable client.

That’s not all however, since we now also provide builds of Ember 0.6.2 for both Windows and OSX.

Although we’ve previously have provided builds for these platforms, the process of building have always been very time consuming and arcane. Thanks to the work Peter did during Google Summer of Code 2011 we now have a both much more straight forward as well as well documented way of building for both Windows and OSX.

As well as the binaries we also provide instructions for building from source for both Windows and OSX.

Main developer of the Ember client.

FAR Colony - 0.5 Report Part I - Infrastructures

Ok here's it's time to talk about what have been added in 0.5.

An infrastructure represent any building and structure (like a landing pad) in the game. Since FARC isn't different from any other strategy, infrastructures represent the backbone material of a colony. they allow the player to house people, extract resources, build differents products and apply research & development.
Each of them has one basic function among 5 possibles:
Energy: regroup any infrastructure that produce energy Housing: like the name indicating, this function focus on housing a colony's populationProduction: this one focus on resource extraction and products refining and manufacturing, depending which production modes are set in an infrastructureIntelligence: regroup any infrastructure that allow to process research & development, meme engineering and even meme warfare.Miscellaneous: the last but not least, regroup all infrastructures that cannot be classified in any of the others functions. They're defined by the custom effects set in them.These basic function provide additional data, like the power output for the Energy function.
Additionally with these functions there're the custom effects and production modes.

Custom Effects allow to add special effect to an infrastructure, not initially provided by its function. One basic example is the HQ (headquarter) effect which add the capability to an infrastructure to represent the location of the head of the local state.

Production Modes are sort of custom effects,excepted that they can only be affected to Production infrastructures. In clear, a production mode is related to on particular industrial process used to generate any product in the game.
As example Resource Mining is already implemented, and it's the first one. Here's a part of the game design document describing it:


Concern the exploitation of any ore type.Part Calculations (in m3 / hr)Resource Spot: Icy Ore Field
Ore FieldResource Mining Production(RMP)=
average(? power(infrastructure surface , 0.333)
?? , power(infrastructure volume , 0.111) )?
?? * Mean Quality coefficient * (occupancy/100)
For Icy Ore Field: Icy Ore
For Ore Field:
Carbonaceous Ore
Metallic Ore
Rare Metals Ore
Uranium OreFull RMP is used


RMP * % of Carbonaceous Ore in the resource spot
RMP * % of Metallic Ore in the resource spot
RMP * % of Rare Metals Ore in the resource spot
RMP * % of Uranium Ore in the resource spot
The output is calculated conforming to the part calculations in the table above, considering the products, 1unit= 1m3 for all products generated so there's no conversion to do.Energy consumption is calculated when the production matrix is updated w/ this production mode and calculated as follow: energy consumption = [ ( SQRT(colonist)*5 ) + ( SQRT(technician)*30 ) ] * ( 1 - (( 1-orbital object gravity )*0.5) )Required Technosciences (only for design purpose, integrated into infrastructure's technologies requirement list):======================================================================

There's also other ones, in the doc only at this moment, like Farming, Carbonaceous Ore Refining or Antiprotons Production.

When a Production infrastructure is enabled, all its production data are calculated and the results are transfered to the corresponding colony's production matrix.

Beside these production modes there's also the Energy Modes that are used for Energy infrastructures and working in the same way as the production modes. Obviously they are used to produce energy.
The ones already implemented are Nuclear Fission and Photon Energy.

Here we go for this first part, the second one will concern the production phase

2012年1月26日 星期四

Simutrans - Pak128.Britain 1.10 released

Just in time for Christmas, a new version of pak128.Britain is out today.? Included in the new release, appropriately, are more snow images for stations and HQs (meaning 99% of the set now has snow graphics), along with a wide range of new road and rail bridges, and a large set of new medieval attractions courtesy of wlindley.

You can download the new verion from Sourceforge… Enjoy!

PS Please report any bugs on the International Simutrans Forum.

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Necronator 2 死靈召喚者 2

The Necronator and his army of darkness have returned! Gather your army and prepare for battle, once again war is upon us!
This is the sequel of the hit RTS game, Necronator. Complete 6 different campaigns from 6 different races. Fight on forests, mountains, and wastelands. Upgrade your army, learn new spells, unlock special heroes and much more in this epic fantasy strategy game by Toge Productions.

遊戲說明 :
Basic Training:增加部隊血量10%
-Mystical Amplification:增加法術傷害10%
-Magic scroll:減少CD時間10%
-Spell Book Mastery:增加法術傷害25%、減少CD時間20%
-Advanced Training:增加部隊攻擊力5%、防禦力5%
-Intensive Training:增加部隊攻速10%、移動速度10%
-Weapon Mastery:增加部隊攻擊力15%
-Legendary Armor:增加部隊防禦力15%
-Divine Armory:增加部隊血量20%、防禦力20%
-Golden Eggs Goose:增加起始金錢150,殺死敵人金錢多5
-Increase Exp:增加獲得經驗15%
-Additional Food:增加食物量6
-More Exp:增加獲得經驗值30%
-Might Arrow:增加箭塔攻擊力15%
-Rapid Shot:增加箭塔攻速20%
-Fatal Arrow:增加箭塔攻擊力30%
-Blitz Shot:增加箭塔攻擊力40%、攻速40%
-Iron Wall:增加城堡血量110%
The Necronator and his army of darkness have returned! Gather your army and prepare for battle, once again war is upon us!
This is the sequel of the hit RTS game, Necronator. Complete 6 different campaigns from 6 different races. Fight on forests, mountains, and wastelands. Upgrade your army, learn new spells, unlock special heroes and much more in this epic fantasy strategy game by Toge Productions.
*Developer Notes*:
If the game doesn't work, please get the latest flash player, it solves many problems: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer
If you experience any local savegames issues:
* Make sure your browser allows cookies.
* Make sure your browser doesn't delete cookies on exit.
* If you are using any software that deletes cookies (like CCleaner), disable that feature.
For bug reporting or troubleshooting:
Contact us at contact[at]togeproductions.com
[MOUSE] - select and move units
[W,A,S,D] - move camera
[ARROW KEYS] - move camera
[P] - pause
[SPACE] - switch between units and spells
[-] - reduce game speed
[+] - increase game speed
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FlightGear - 12 Days of Flight Tips

Oscar (youtube user: osjcag)?has created a series of short movies called the 12 Days of FlightGear Tips. Each day he releases a new tip in honor of the twelve days of Christmas. Check back each day for the new tip! ?Even “seasoned” FlightGear pilots may pick up a new trick or two. ?Enjoy!

OpenClonk - Settlement Development

After a relative silence since the 2.1 release, progress on developing settlement content has increased on the recent openclonk meeting. The first multiplayer settlement rounds have been played successfully. The landscape of Gold Rush, known in CR as the classical Gold Mine, looks like this after completing the goal:

A network round of Gold Rush

The gold, located at the bottom, has been mined with dynamite and transported with a lorry. It can be sold at the flag, or processed at the foundry into gold bars which are more valuable. The foundry can also produce metal, which is very useful in Iron Peak, a scenario with lots of iron ore. The foundry at work in Iron Peak:

The foundry at work in Iron Peak

On this screenshot we also see the tool workshop, where items can be produced, and the sawmill:

The biggest changes are however not content related, but on content and production menus. Although the recently implemented drag&drop menus are not finished and may not even be the final implementation, they are a big improvement over the old menus. They are the reason that settlement may go into the direction of fun rather than frustration. The content menu is shown in the next screenshot:

With the content menu (open with E) the player can exchange contents between all containers behind the clonk, either by clicking the item or by dragging the item. Since the development snapshots are currently broken, this can only be tested if one is able to use our repository. But do feel free to share your opinion here or in the forum and stay tuned for more!

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The Engineer 工程師傳說

遊戲說明 :

Hack all enemy control terminals through the game, or outlast the world in survival mode!?


THIS GAME will NOT work unless you have installed the Latest Flash player update (Flash Player 11)!

WASD - movement
Click - Shoot/build
Space Bar - Build Mode

Objective: hack all enemy control terminals through the game, or outlast the world in survival mode!

Code - Moonkey
Character Art - Jazza
Environments - Zeedox
Sound - zStriefel
Music - Master Uziks


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2012年1月25日 星期三

FAR Colony - Happy XMass and New Year 2012

Yup, a rare out of context post to wish you happy xmas and a good (yet future) year 2012.
Keep the peace, wherever you are and take care.

For me it will be the year of the playable alpha and of further developments after that, among other things.

Simutrans - SMSC December 2011: Winner Isaac Clarke

Morvan is the river which march along the village of the same name??Winner of the December edition of the Simutrans Monthly Screenshot Contest is Isaac Clarke.?The screenshot of Morvan is a river which march along the village of the same name. The economy of this little locality is based on rural industries. Built with pak128, It gathered almost half of the total votes. Screenshots by mEGA and fabio scored second and third respectively.

mEGA’s screenshot was taken with pak128 and several french addons, and it’s titled “Rural french landscape“. Pak128 can be seen in fabio’s screenshot “Greek island“.

Find the poll and discussion at the International Simutrans Forum.

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World of Padman - In the Spotlight #2

Today in the spotlight we present a very nice video showing off some WoP v1.6 game play made by GameBoom, a community content driven site for gamers who like free games. The video starts with fighting PaddyBell and her sisters BadPaddy and PaddyBee in oregano4's Airplane. Second part of the video presents the CTL game mode and powerups in Kai's FridgeWars.

Furthermore we have noted some activities concerning Let's Show/Play/Test regrading World of Padman in general. Some are really funny. All are in German language. Here is a list:

If you find similar stuff online which should be presented here on the front page, drop us a line in the WoP forum. Also, the Featured Pic needs an update from time to time, so feel free to submit your WoP pics. Every contribution is welcome.

FlightGear - Stuart Buchanan

Q: How long have you been involved in FlightGear?

I’ve been contributing for the last 5 or so years, and was using it before that.

Q:?What are your major interests in FlightGear?

I dip in and out of lots of things. I’ve spent a lot of time in the last couple of years working on the 3D clouds, and before that random vegetation. I’ve created a couple of aircraft (vulcanb2,flash2a,?pittss1c), and maintain a couple more (c172p,?a4f,?Cub). I also help maintain The Manual. I’m one of the moderators on the forums, and I sometimes remember to write something for the Newsletter.

Like many contributors I spend way more time messing around with things rather than actually doing flights! I enjoy warbirds (the p51d is a big challenge for me), and the c172p or Cub for some easier flying.

Q:?What project are you working on right now?

Trying to get more performance out of the?3D clouds! I’m also looking at improving the HTML output of The Manual, so it’s easier to use online.

Q:?What do you plan on doing in the future?

Less fiddling, more flying! I have a 14 month old daughter so my FG time has been constrained, and will become more so in the future.

Q:?Are you happy with the way the FlightGear project is going?

Absolutely. FG has never been healthier. With all the hard work people like James Turner and others have put into our Jenkins build server we’re now able to produce releases every 6 months. That’s a massive step forward from even two years ago. The range and quality of aircraft in the hangar continues to increase, and Martin’s continual work on improving our scenery infrastructure will pay huge dividends in the future.

Q:?What do you enjoy most about developing for FlightGear?

Getting the chance to work with a great group of people, even if I never get the chance to meet them in real life. Coming across a really nicely modelled aircraft or some new feature I never knew existed.

Q:?Are there any “hidden features” you have worked on in FlightGear that new users may miss?

Well given the number of people that fail to RTFM, my work on The Manual?:)

I also think people get used to new features very quickly, so they effectively disappear. When I created the first proper forests (with a lot of help from Tim Moore), it was pretty exciting as we’d never been able to have that density of foliage before. Nowadays we all take it for granted.

Q:?What advice can you give to new developers who want to get started on their first aircraft/new feature/Nasal script?

Start small. Modify an existing aircraft rather than create a new one from scratch. It’s tempting to start something new, but the amount of time and effort required to actually create a worthwhile aircraft with any realism is huge. We stand on the shoulders of giants in FG, so you might as well take advantage as much as possible!

Q: What do you do outside of FG?

I have a wife and 16 month old daughter and live in Edinburgh,?Scotland. I work as a manager in a software development company?(Metaswitch Networks). I’m also a keen climber and telemark ski?tourer.

Q: Any real life flying experience?

I own and fly a flexwing microlight (aka trike) from East Fortune?airfield just outside of Edinburgh (EG32 in FlightGear). ?I’ve got?about 200 hours so far and did a 7 day flying trip to the Isle of?Wight in the south of England in 2010.

FreeGamer - Annex: Conquer the world Beta2 released

A new beta of the Megaglest based standalone game Annex: Conquer the World has been released recently:

Annex beta2 game-play
Most important news for me: real Linux support out of the box now ;)
But there are also a few other nice changes, like additional tileset and units etc. The game also has its own master-server now, thus not depending on the Megaglest one any longer.

Epiar - Epiar 0.5.0 Released

Epiar 0.5.0 is now available in source code form. Binaries for various platforms (Windows, Linux, OS X) and a change log are forthcoming.

Please be advised Epiar is still in development and the game may crash, lose your saved games, etc.

You can download it and any future posted binaries at the download page.

UI clean-upExpanded missions systemSound and music additionsMain menuEditor greatly expandedMisc. bug fixes

2012年1月24日 星期二

PARPG - Forum Down

Forum Down ? Post-Apocalyptic RPG blog@import "http://blog.parpg.net/wp-content/themes/fusion/style.css"; Wasteland >> Fallout >> PARPG Blog ForumsIRCPlanetTracWikiAboutDownloadMedia gallery ? Forum Down
Just a quick and short note – the forums are down, the database seems to have crashed.
Q_x has mailed to barra, who will hopefully manage to fix this soon (and perhaps even manage to upgrade WordPress version :D )
Edit: Works again! Thanks barra, that was fast!
Edit: At 30 December 2011 the forum is down again, with another error message. Beginning to wonder what’s happening.
Edit: At 03.01.2012 the forum works again. Hopefully it’ll work for a longer while now, thanks to the one who fixed it (was not me, I am just trying to let you know) :)
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Sara cooking class Banana Muffins 香蕉鬆餅 莎拉的烹飪教室

Sara cooking class Banana Muffins 香蕉鬆餅 莎拉的烹飪教室遊戲說明 :

welcome to Sara's Cooking Classes. Today Sara will be teaching you how to make delicious Banana Muffins. Follow Sara's directions to make this delicious dish. You will get bonus points on early completion. Use mouse to play this cooking game.

[本日志由 ver 于 2011-12-24 05:14 PM ??]
文章來自: 本站原?
引用通告: 查看所有引用 | 我要引用此文章

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Widelands - Widelands Tournament No 2

In 2010 ivh won the first Widelands tournament, now, two years later, he needs a successor. This tournament will just like the former be knock out system, with an repechage so everyone plays at least two games. The tournament will start on the official play day (28 January), or if you can't make that in the following week. More information can be found on the wiki page and questions can be asked in the forum topic. If you like to join, send a private Message to Fopper with the tribe you like to start the tournament with.

Thanks to Fopper for the organization of the tournament! Let the games begin face-smile.png

Simutrans - pak.Excentrique v0.13 released *updated*

Hajo is on fire at the moment. He released a new version?? 0.13??of pak Excentrique. It provides amongst others more city buildings and basic working magnatrack (rolling stock, stations and depots). Magna track depots are particular peculiar, you get your vehicles out of a tin can. See the?forum thread or ??download it right away.

update: don’t forget to grab some signals force gates too, also at the? forum thread.

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FreeGamer - RetroBlazer Alpha demo

RetroBlazer alpha demo
Looks pretty nice, this Darkplaces based game, doesn't it? And you can download a RetroBlazer alpha demo now... take it with a grain of salt though as my intuition tells me that this is probably planned to be a commercial release based on a FOSS engine like SteelStorm. While this is of course not bad in general (in fact personally I think there should be more FOSS based commercial games), I always get a lot of flak in the comments for posting about games with un-Free media or such ;)

On a side-note however (after playing the demo for a short while) I have to say that it is a bit too retro for me (no proper mouse aiming? is it like 1996?). I was hoping for more of a hybrid than a strait Doom reimplementation ;)

Soul Redeemer 靈魂救贖者

遊戲說明 : 這是個動作RPG類型的遊戲 玩家可以使用 5種不同的武器以及大量的道具可以用來升級你的技能或是恢復你的體能及狀態?遊戲包含6個完整情節關卡以及巨大可怕的大頭目守關

Soul Redeemer is an action game with RPG elements, including an Action-RPG Style Inventory with 5 different weapons and lots of items to upgrade your stats and abilities.
The game features 6 action packed stages with amazing boss battles…

For AZERTY keyboards, please use SHIFT + ALT or SHIFT + TAB to set it to QWERTY layout

Movement: WASD
Jump: Space
Aim and Shoot : Mouse
Use Bombs: E
Inventory: V

View the original article here

2012年1月23日 星期一

Knights - Knights 019 Released

I am pleased to announce the release of version 019 of Knights. As promised in an earlier post, this version has several new features including:

Improvements to team gamesNew “Deathmatch” quest typeDungeon generator is now able to reflect/rotate roomsSeveral bugs have been fixed.

Downloads, and full release notes, are available from http://www.knightsgame.org.uk/download.html.

Unfortunately I did not get time to add Loki’s ogre monster to the game this time; however, I did do a little work on refactoring the monster code, which paves the way for me to add ogres (and perhaps other monster types) in a future release.

About Knights

Knights is a multiplayer dungeon bashing game. Players must explore randomly generated dungeons and compete to be the first to solve various quests. For more information please visit http://www.knightsgame.org.uk/.

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Pyskool - Cruise news

Cruise newsThe Contact Sam Cruise disassembly has just seen its fourth update since I announced that it had become ‘complete’ about six months ago. Since then, I’ve documented 14 more bugs, added 9 more trivia items, composed a walkthrough guide, and filled out the list of graphic glitches. If you haven’t stopped by to look at the disassembly in a while, there’s a good chance you’ll find plenty of new stuff to peruse.

Of the bugs documented in the last six months, my favourite is probably Hiding in plain sight, in which Sam evades arrest by the zealous city cops on the beat by merely standing on the edge of a roof, in plain sight of anyone who cares to look. Of the trivia items added in the last six months, my favourite is definitely Hidden ground, which reveals an underworld (kind of) in Sam’s home city that, to my knowledge, has never been seen by the CSC-playing public before. What’s funny about it is that the very first trivia item added to the disassembly – nearly two years ago as I write this – was Hidden sky, but it didn’t occur to me until very recently to investigate the nether portions of the play area for a similar phenomenon.

Anyway, for further details of all the changes, consult the changelog. As ever, you can browse the entire disassembly online, or download a copy for offline viewing, or build it yourself from the source skool and ref files included in the offline copy (for which you’ll need at least version 2.4 of SkoolKit).

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Knights - Happy New Year!

Just wanted to say a big Thank You and Happy New Year to all Knights players.

Looking back, I am amazed at how far this little game has come. I first started working on the project back in 2002, although at that point, the plan was not to make an exact remake of Amiga Knights, but instead to make my own game which was “based on” the concepts of the original. However, I wasn’t having much success with that so in about 2004 I decided to change course and just do a remake of the original Knights; I figured I could always add my own new features later if I wanted.

Coding began in earnest in 2005 and the first actual release was right at the end of 2006. About two years after that, the game was complete enough that I decided to announce it on a couple of Amiga forums. At this point it was still fairly basic, with only 2 player support and no central Knights server yet, but it still generated some interest and I was soon getting emails like “why can’t I compile this game on Linux” and “why doesn’t the network support work properly” (LOL). By mid 2009 I had the central server up and running and at the end of 2009 the Multiplayer support (i.e. more than 2 knights in the dungeon) was in place. It was at this point that we discovered that Knights is actually a lot more fun in multiplayer than the original 2 player game, and we even got the original creator (Kalle Marjola) along for a few games :)

2010 saw somewhat slower progress — although a couple new features (including a tutorial) were added, along with lots of bug fixing. This year (2011) the most important development was the addition of the “Knights game listing” on the Server List page. With this, I feel that the final piece of the puzzle is now in place: it is now possible to actually meet other players online (something that was surprisingly difficult beforehand) and indeed we are now regularly having 4 or 5 player games every week. (Thanks to K9 for suggesting this feature!)

So, what will the new year bring? With the basic Knights gameplay now in place, and an active (albeit small) community of players, I suppose the next logical step would be to add new gameplay features: new quest types, new room designs, new monsters and items, and so on. At this point I could use some input from players: if you have any new gameplay ideas, please throw them my way :)

In the meantime, best wishes to everyone for the new year and may the games continue into 2012 and beyond.

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FreeGamer - New FPS updates

As the FPS resident gamer here at FreeGamer (I am playing usually under the nick poVoq btw ;) ) I am keeping you up to date to the newest FPS updates:

Hot of the press: the cosmic edition (1.2) of Red Eclipse was just released; Lots of new maps and feature additions (and they toned down that annoying hit-sound a bit). Sadly their trailer-contest has not resulted in a cool video yet that I could post here, so take this opportunity to make a cool one ;)

Another new release (7.53) comes from the AlienArena guys, which seem to have made some nice updates to their engine to speed up the performance on higher settings.
Quick rundown of other news:
War§ow got a new website, and there is a nice teaser webpage up for TremZ (no surprise to me btw, that they pushed back their release date by 2 months). But the engine (OpenWolf) they are using is making nice progress also as you can see here (and here in a video: integration of Newton Physics and more).

FAR Colony - 0.5.1 Status

Pyskool - A bit about the Kit

i love flippingSkoolKit 2.4 is now available from the usual download page. It’s been a while since I dedicated a blog post to a new version of SkoolKit, but that’s not because nothing’s been happening. On the contrary, some things have been happening. If you’ll bear with me, I’ll try to summarise the most significant and least boring changes in the six releases made since 2.2.2 came out over six months ago.

The biggest new feature is the addition of the skool2sft.py command, which can convert a skool file into a ‘skool file template’. What’s a skool file template? It’s a bit like a control file, except that it preserves the following elements that control files don’t: all ASM directives, data definition entries, remote entries, and comments that are not part of a code or data block. Put more simply, a skool file template is a skool file without the Z80 instructions; to insert the Z80 instructions, you supply a Z80 (or SNA) snapshot and run that and the skool file template through sna2skool.py. For more details, see the documentation.

Even if you don’t plan on using skool file templates, you still might find sna2skool.py‘s support for them useful. For example, you could feed a snippet of a skool file template to sna2skool.py in order to disassemble a portion of a snapshot (instead of the entire thing) thus:

$ echo 'cC32768,20' | sna2skool.py -T - game.z80

This would print a disassembly (in skool file format) of 20 bytes, starting at 32768.

In other news, skool2html.py now supports multiple ref files per disassembly. So if your existing game.ref is getting large and unwieldy, you could split it up into smaller files named game*.ref for easier maintenance. And speaking of ref files, support for [Changelog:*] sections has been reintroduced, making it easier to generate a disassembly changelog page (such as the one for Skool Daze).

On the image creation front, the #UDGARRAY macro has been enhanced so that masks can be specified, and both the #UDG and #UDGARRAY macros have been enhanced so that images can be flipped (horizontally and/or vertically) and rotated.

And finally, as always, there are a few bug fixes, including one that prevents sna2skool.py from choking on ancient version 1 Z80 snapshots (which are evidently still in use by some people). See the changelog for details of the other fixes.

So that’s all the SkoolKit news for now. Time to get cracking on 2.4.1.

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2012年1月22日 星期日

Roly-Poly Eliminator 2 不倒翁終結者 2

遊戲說明 : 在這個遊戲中玩家要想辦法 運用遊戲提供的不同機制與物品 讓這些萬聖節的鬼怪 掉到不同的機關上 讓他們被這些機關毀滅掉

Strategically remove, slice and explode objects on the play-field to bring a violent end to the evil Roly-Polys. (13+)?

Mouse - Navigate
Left Click - Interact


View the original article here

Hedgewars - SOPA does not RULE!

FreeGamer - SuperTux Forum and January 2012 Level Contest

SuperTux level design mistakes to avoid
SuperTux just got a forum on FreeGameDev.net and started a level contest.

A snow tileset theme?Submit your levels here until the 27th of January, when voting will startVoting on levels will end on the January 30stWinners will be announced January 31stHave funOne level per personTop few levels will/can be made into an add-on orIf admins are okay with it top levels will get added to incubator island (if winners are okay with it - pick cc0 or cc-by-sa for your level)One entry per personPlease make a new level. (not from and existing worldmap/levelset)Don't vote for your self.Voting will take place in a new forum topic.Feel free to comment on peoples levels, most people would like to hear what was wrong or good with their level.
Get the?editor, read the editor guide (and just play around, as the guide is incomplete ;) ) and check out the style guide.

You can upload submissions in?this thread.

Hedgewars - And in the last day of 2011...

...we just destroyed the Googlecode repository! Aghh

This should be no problem for normal users and for contributors; however developers with commit access are *highly* invited to either clone again the main repo or, before doing any operation on their sources, run

hg pullhg strip da1e7fe7cff7